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About the Tutor

Personal Tuition by Steve Draper


 Cambridge University MA

 Member of the British Computer Society

 Chartered Engineer

 Chartered Information Technology Professional


As an IT consultant at the time microcomputers were first available, I saw their potential to help with our business and prepared the business case for buying and using machines with early word processing and spreadsheet software. Through more than twenty years after that first purchase, I have been a lead user for many types of personal computer, running trials and setting standards for effective use of all kinds of applications in support of the business.

Throughout my career, in addition to my main consulting and management roles, I have trained many people with varied backgrounds to use PC applications to achieve the results they need.


I have delivered training courses to customers for complex special applications, training a wide range of people with different experience and skills.

Now retired from consulting, I am a fully qualified driving instructor and a ski instructor. I apply the results-based training skills of these disciplines to successful one-to-one E.C.P.C. computer tuition.

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