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Try, buy, and get down to work—with expert help

First steps

Whatever your starting point, buying a PC or a software package can be a daunting step into the unknown.

It’s much better to take those steps with the E.C.P.C. tutor’s expert help. Try the applications and find what meets your needs and where to buy it.

What to buy, how do I choose?

Help with choosing all PC-related products:

· PCs

· Peripheral equipment such as screen, scanner and printer

· Software for office applications, security and communications

· Internet services

· Networking devices


—try on the E.C.P.C. systems before you buy.


Finding, buying, safety

Use internet searches to find the best price and delivery for the selected product, and buy online where appropriate. Learn about security and keeping your identity safe.


Getting down to work

Guidance while setting the new product to work: installing, connecting, registering, getting updates. Setting preferences and options for the way you want to work.

What to buy, How to buy it

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