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Using the PC for home or work, E.C.P.C. will put you in control

Help with new tasks

Just starting out or confident user, the E.C.P.C. tutor will help you get the best out of your PC and guide you as you use unfamiliar applications and perform new tasks.

Applications Covered

These are the main applications covered, with some examples of typical tasks addressed.


Use windows, files and folders, copying files, make discs. Housekeeping and backing up.

Internet use

Safe and effective surfing, search engines, favourite sites, secure shopping.

Web mail

Access email when at home and away. Use email services available anywhere in the world.


Integrated use of email, diary, address book and “to do” functions. Attach documents and pictures to emails. Synchronising a PDA.


Use word processing, spreadsheet, diary and database to organise documents and projects.


From basic spreadsheet operations to inter-linked workbooks.


From basic word processing, through the use of templates and styles to large publications. Incorporating pictures and graphics, use of autocorrect and other productivity features. Preparing booklets, forms and other layouts.


Effective presentation, including building presentations from other sources, use of graphics and animation. On-screen presentation, handouts and printing slides, notes, etc.


Use Publisher for special media, such as business cards, greetings cards and labels. Magazine-style layouts with text flow.

Publish to the Internet

Use the web to share your pictures. Set up a website and keep it up to date. Register a domain name.


Setting up and using databases. Transfer data from other sources. Use forms for data capture and search. Reports, menus and other features.

Mind mapping

Tools for organising thoughts, documents and references. Direct transfer into presentations, documents and plans.

Picture processing

Scan, capture, edit, print, store and present. Share pictures through email, CD and DVD.

Video editing

Capture, editing, titling, transitions. Prepare videos for different viewing channels. Make a DVD with index and menus.

Applications Covered









Picture and video editing








Filling databases


Organising your thoughts


Making special documents


Using the PC for home or work, E.C.P.C. will put you in control

FREE( 0800 611 8686


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