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Learn by doing


Real tasks


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Learn by performing your chosen tasks

For people who want to make the PC work for you right away, E.C.P.C. computer tuition will get you going.

 Learn by doing your chosen tasks, with expert guidance to keep you on track.

 The background information you need will be provided when you need it.

 You will soon be confident to explore further for yourself.

Enabling the client

E.C.P.C.ís one-to-one tuition is aimed at enabling you the client to use the PC and its applications. Guided by the tutor, you drive the mouse and keyboard throughout each tutorial. Learning by doing is the most effective method.

Once you have built up confidence through this approach you will be able to explore for yourself, and use, the functions available.


Achieve your goals

The subject for each tutorial is a real task of your own choosing. Background information and learning points about the computer itself are introduced when they are useful. The focus of each tutorial is on enabling you to perform new tasks that contribute to reaching the goal of confident, independent use of the PC.



Tutorials may take place at the client's premises or in the E.C.P.C. study in Sevenoaks. Where possible, the client's PC is used. New applications can be tried on the E.C.P.C. machines before purchase.


Hourly tuition

Each tutorial lasts a full hour. Longer sessions can be arranged; breaks are always taken to help maintain concentration. The fee is fixed per hour of one-to-one tuition. The tutor's diary usually offers flexibility for appointments and there is no extra charge for evening or Saturday tutorials.


PC skills

For clients who have limited experience of PCs, guidance will be given on the basic skills, and how to develop them outside tutorial time.


Appreciation of common features

Many features are common to different applications. Once you understand how to use these, you will be able to explore different applications for yourself.

One-to-one Tuition

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